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Tree & Sky Institute was founded on the principal that storytelling through media and art is a powerful way to engage the emotions of an audience and therefore one of the most powerful tools for affecting change.

We are currently working on two major efforts to bring positive messages about re-imagining our relationship with the natural world to a global audience.

The Book of Tree – Feature Film

TBOT_logo_150x150_72dpiOur charter project, in partnership with the award winning production company Tree & Sky Media Arts, is “The Book of Tree,” a groundbreaking motion picture documentary and multimedia exhibit that will explore the fascinating realm of spiritual ecology, where the bounds of spirituality and science intersect and reveal their inextricable link to the health of our natural world and our very own survival.


The Re-Imagining Series – Short videos to inspire a global audience

The Re-Imagining Series - Video 1 Smoke ElserHere is a chance to get a boost of inspiration, positive thinking and insight into the perspectives of wonderful people from around the world who share ideas, wisdom and stories about our place in the natural world. This library of videos will be added to continually as we produce the long-form feature documentary, The Book of Tree. They will be shared over the internet and available for free to the global audience who will be encouraged to share them and add their voice to the conversation about new ways of thinking about our place on this planet. Visit the Re-Imagining Series.